O legado que nos falta

"Hundreds of million of dollars are being spent by Clinton and Obama during the political campaign. Brazilians are following this race closely, the great majority support Obama...., columnist Elio Gaspari wrote a short comment on the legacy of Martin Luther King in this election:"UNDER THE SHADOW OF KING". ... it is a good past-time to surf the web and watch, listen and read the last speech which was given by King, named "I'VE BEEN TO THE MOUNTAIN TOP". This recording was made on the eve of his death, it is more touching than the famous "I HAVE A DREAM", but even so, it is a great masterpiece of oratory, with prophetic and emotional passages.To follow the audio and reading the text at the same time is like having a good English lesson, of history and of faith in life.
"Text by Elio Gaspari, published in O GLOBO on the 2nd. of March, 2008"
Read the last paragraph of his famous speech, by checking http://www.americanrhetoric.com/speeches/mlkivebeentothemountaintop.
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